Saturday, February 25, 2017


dull day yesterday and these trees are not really nice as berry bearing trees go -- some people have said the 400 DO2 is not sharp -- I need to evaluate it after a year of use some time -- 

exotic bunting

always hidden in bits of veg -- some of these spring Reed Bunts really do look different

Pochard and Tufted Duck drakes

could be local breeder but could be heading for Russia soon -- who knows

Sunday, February 19, 2017

male Hen Harrier

one from a few weeks back that I had overlooked as they were pretty poor -- a brief fly by at Manby Flashes - the only male I have seen this winter

local Stonechats

some spring movement evident today with 2 new males on Waters Edge, both with stonking white neck patches and rich orange upper breast patches while the dark male, presumably a first winter, that has been around all winter at Blow Wells had acquired a female today as well

Local Shag

an adult Shag turned up on the local Sailing pit in the week and was still there today -- it was in exactly the same place when I saw it as three birds on February 6th 1996; a really rare bird on my patch as follows:
November 26th 1987
2 juvs trying to roost on the Humber bridge October 22nd 1991 with one there November 9th
3 September 6th 1992
April 20th 1994
3 February 6th 1996
a juv August 23rd 2008

Tufted Ducks

Goshawk blobs

never seem to be close at Wykeham and light was dire again